Delivery Code Description
AX Road Closure
BE Biller Error
BK Breakdown
BLC Receiving Blocked
CC Consignee Closed or not available
CLC Delay at Customs or no broker paper work
CR Consignee Request
DBA Delivered by Appointment
DBI Delivered
DD Delivered Damaged
DDE Late
DE Delivered Early
DI In Transit – Late
DIN Late
DIS Late
DO Delivered Over
DPD Late
DS Delivered Short
EQU Special delivery equipment required
FCD Consignee receives freight on certain days
HCQ Held for cheque pickup
HFC Held for consolidation
HL Consignee Holiday
HLD Held for pickup by customer
HRA Held for Return Authorization Number
IB Late – In Bond
ICD Late – Origin
J In Transit
L Late Delivery
LD Late Damaged
LO Late Overage
LPR Late Part Refused
LRF Delivered late and was refused
LS Late Shortage
MWF Serviced on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
NR No receiving personnel or no one home
ODE Late
OPD Late
OK Delivered Clear
PR Partially Refused
PW Poor weather conditions
RF Refused
RFD Refused and Delivered
RRC Freight rerouted (consignee)
RRS Freight rerouted (shipper)
RTI Refused
SCD Shipper caused error
ST Consignee On Strike
TT Serviced Tuesday and/or Thursday
TTE Late
UAD Unrealistic Arrival Date
UL Unable to locate Consignee
WA Wrong Address