At Manitoulin Transport, corporate social responsibility (CSR) extends beyond our terminals and offices. Indeed, the program encompasses Manitoulin’s active involvement in its industry, communities and the environment. Our commitment to CSR initiatives is deep, because we are aware of their impact on society, on current and future generations. The program aims to foster lasting change and improvements that will have a lasting impact on communities across Canada.

Manitoulin’s social responsibilities include the following:

  • Interact respectfully and supportively with the communities and cultures where we work
  • Support human rights and equality for all
  • See to the safety of people
  • Protect the environment
  • Conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner


We are committed to demonstrating unwavering integrity in our governance practices. These are applied company-wide and to all business operations. It is crucial that company activities are based on ethical business practices, as this is key to the continued success of the organization. Manitoulin puts honesty and ethics at the heart of everything it does.


Red might come to mind when you think of Manitoulin. However, this should also be the case for green.

Respect for the environment is an absolute priority. Manitoulin is always on the lookout for ways to reduce its environmental impact through measures that promote operational efficiency and supply chain sustainability. The company strives to invest in new technologies and pieces of equipment that will help reduce its carbon footprint.

Manitoulin has reduced its carbon footprint through the following environmental measures:

  • Strict speed limit measures
  • Driver training programs
  • Monitoring of motors running for no reason
  • Optimized trip load factor: fewer trips = less fuel
  • Route planning
  • Newer engines that offer better performance
  • Investments:
  • tractors and trailers reducing fuel consumption
  • vehicles using alternative fuels: electric forklifts, electric or natural gas yard tractors
  • Advanced on-board technology measures vehicle and driver performance, helping Manitoulin ensure compliance with its environmental standards.

Aerodynamic characteristics of the Manitoulin Transport tractor and trailer

Aerodynamic Strategies

Manitoulin Transport is a member of the SmartWay Transport partnership.


MANITOULIN TRANSPORT, as a supplier of transportation solutions, is committed to protecting the environment and constantly improving its environmental performance.

To do this, we intend to take the following measures:

  • Reduce the negative impact of all our activities on the environment, including our operations or maintenance activities carried out at our head office, where possible.
  • Reducing the emissions produced by our vehicles and improving recycling and waste management, which not only supports our commitment to fight pollution, but also our desire to continually improve.
  • Comply with all relevant and applicable legal obligations, as well as any other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets annually and review them at management review meetings with a view to continually improving our environmental management system and environmental performance.

First Canadian company to obtain ISO 14001 certification

Manitoulin Transport is proud to be the first Canadian transportation and logistics company to obtain ISO 14001 certification in recognition of its environmental management system. Such certification solidifies Manitoulin’s position as a leader in sustainable development in the transportation industry, as it continues to implement innovative environmental initiatives and programs. In June 2017, Manitoulin upgraded to the most recent version of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard.

Certification ISO 14001:2015 (pdf)


Manitoulin services are delivered through an organization that reflects the multicultural society in which we live. Everyone who comes into contact with Manitoulin is treated with respect and dignity.

Manitoulin promotes an open and positive work environment, where ideas are always welcome and where discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, age or religion is prohibited.