Prohibited & Restricted Items

April 26th, 2024|

Manitoulin Transport has identified several products and items that are prohibited or restricted for storage, shipping, importing and/or exporting due to regulatory, hazard, safety or other reasons. The following restricted items may require special permits or licenses before shipping.

Fill & Print Forms

March 11th, 2024|

We make it easier to fill out and print your shipping labels and forms. Download the shipping forms you will need as PDF documents. Forms include Credit Application, Bill of Lading, Bill of Lading Instructions, Cross Border forms and more.

Certifications & Licenses

March 11th, 2024|

Explore Manitoulin Transport's certifications & licenses. Certifications include: Smartway, ISO 9001:2015, ISO: 14001:2015, certificate of insurance, WSIB Clearance and various cross border shipping documents.

EDI & API Integration

March 11th, 2024|

To offer your customers a seamless and transparent shipping experience, Manitoulin Transport offers a specialized set of APIs and EDIs that can strengthen and augment your service offerings. Whatever the size of your organization—whatever technology platforms or languages—our team works with you to develop a complete transportation management process.


March 10th, 2024|

Prioritizing environmental stewardship stands at the forefront of our commitment. Manitoulin consistently seeks avenues to reduce its environmental footprint, employing strategies such as operational efficiency and sustainable practices within the supply chain. Our dedication extends to investing in cutting-edge technology and equipment, aimed at effectively mitigating our carbon footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

March 10th, 2024|

At Manitoulin Transport, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) extends beyond its terminals and offices. The program covers Manitoulin’s active participation in the industry, communities, and the environment. The company is deeply committed to the CSR initiatives, given its impact on society, both the present and future generations.