Red may come to mind when you think Manitoulin
Transport, but so should green.

Red may come to mind when you think Manitoulin Transport, but so should green.

Environmental Responsibility

Prioritizing environmental stewardship stands at the forefront of our commitment. Manitoulin consistently seeks avenues to reduce its environmental footprint, employing strategies such as operational efficiency and sustainable practices within the supply chain. Our dedication extends to investing in cutting-edge technology and equipment, aimed at effectively mitigating our carbon footprint.

Meaningful Actions For A Big Impact

Manitoulin has lessened its carbon footprint through:

  • Strict speed limit policies
  • Driver training programs
  • Anti-idling monitoring
  • Increase trip load factor: fewer trips = less fuel
  • Route planning
  • Newer engines that burn fuel more efficiently
  • Aerodynamic tractors and trailers that reduces fuel consumption
  • Alternative fuel vehicles: electric forklifts; natural gas and electric shunt trucks
  • Onboard state-of-the-art technology measures vehicle and driver performance, ensuring compliance with Manitoulin’s green standards

A Modern Aerodynamic Fleet

Our tractor and trailer fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art aerodynamic features, setting new standards for fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility. The streamlined design of our tractor units reduces wind resistance, optimizing fuel consumption and minimizing our carbon footprint. In addition, our trailers are equipped with advanced aerodynamic technologies, such as side skirts and rear fairings, further enhancing fuel efficiency during long-haul journeys. At Manitoulin Transport, we are committed to investing in cutting-edge solutions that not only benefit our bottom line but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for transportation

Manitoulin Transport’s Environmental Policy

As a transportation solutions provider, Manitoulin Transport is committed to protecting the environment and continually improving our environmental performance.

Manitoulin Transport will:

  • Minimize the adverse environmental impact of all activities, including those at our head office, operations, and maintenance, wherever possible.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and improve recycling and waste management, which not only supports our commitment to prevention of pollution, but also our commitment to continual improvement.
  • Comply with all relevant and applicable legal requirements and any other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets annually at our management review meetings, in order to continually improve our environmental management system and our environmental performance.

First To Achieve ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Manitoulin Transport is proud to be the first Canadian transportation and logistics company to be ISO 14001 certified in recognition of its Environmental Management System. The certification solidifies Manitoulin’s position as a leader in sustainability in the transportation industry, as it continues to implement progressive environmental programs and initiatives. In June of 2017, Manitoulin successfully upgraded to the latest ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard.

Government Compliance

Manitoulin Transport holds SmartWay certification in the United States and Fleetsmart certification in Canada. Our commitment to meeting the stringent standards established by these respected organizations underscores our dedication to reducing our environmental impact.