MT Direct Overview

Manage your freight with Manitoulin Transport’s user-friendly
customer shipping portal.

Manage your freight with Manitoulin Transport’s user-friendly customer shipping portal.

Simplify Your Shipping Process
With MT Direct

Join thousands of users and unlock the benefits of shipping with Manitoulin’s robust customer shipping portal. With MT Direct, customers gain access to efficient shipping tools such as rate quotes, online pickup requests, electronic Bill of Lading, track and trace and more.

Automate Your
Shipping Process

Manitoulin always looks for ways to simplify the shipping process for all our customers. This is why, through advanced electronic data interchange systems, we can send and receive customized documentation to expedite shipments. Manitoulin’s up-to-date electronic data interchange (EDI) systems facilitate the exchange of our data for our customers, avoiding human intervention, shipping and billing errors, as well as needless paperwork.

Make Informed
Decisions With Your
Freight Data

Manitoulin Transport provides Application Programming Interface (API) integration that streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and enables businesses to leverage the strengths of various software solutions without the need for manual intervention. It fosters automation, improves data accuracy, and enables real-time access to critical information across platforms, ultimately empowering organizations to deliver more efficient and integrated user experiences.

Safe and secure with
MT Direct

A user ID name and password encryption to our enhanced services provide our customers with a valuable freight management tool. Through our MT Direct login process, you can control who in your organization has access to our dedicated features. You can determine what customer information they are permitted to see including specific customers’ time in transit reports and scheduled pick-ups. MT Direct can be a very important freight performance tool to keep the members of your organization and your customer informed and in control. Manitoulin uses 128-bit data encryption to ensure that data transferred between you and our Manitoulin site is safe. This technique is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer.

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