Intermodal Rail

Manitoulin’s Intermodal Rail service provides
an alternative for less time-sensitive shipments.

Manitoulin’s Intermodal Rail service provides an alternative for less time-sensitive shipments.

Intermodal Rail – A Cost Effective Freight Shipping Alternative

Manitoulin Transport’s intermodal division can transport your shipments by rail from Toronto and Montreal to western Canada. Our full range of container-related services, including transporting, loading, and unloading, offers customers a seamless, reliable, and flexible service that makes intermodal shipping easy and efficient.

Intermodal Shipping Across Canada

When your freight doesn’t require expedited shipping, our intermodal rail service is a smart alternative for transporting goods from Ontario and Quebec to Western Canada. Manitoulin Transport provides customers with a robust solution for large-scale shipments traveling long distances.


Intermodal Freight Shipping Benefits

  • Quick, accurate, and competitive door-to-door rate estimates

  • Knowledgeable staff ready to assist you

  • Cost efficient for moving large quantities long distances

  • Increased capacity and volume for large shipments

  • Dependable service to all major centers across Canada

  • Direct connections to global supply chains

  • Reliable service for both LTL & TL

  • Access to containers for shipping specialized equipment

Contact Your Manitoulin Intermodal Shipping Specialist

Your local Manitoulin Shipping Specialist will ensure your freight is handled with care and delivered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Manitoulin Shipping Specialists are trained on local shipping lanes and their transit times. They will offer you a variety of options on how and when to ship your freight delivering a seamless shipping experience every time.

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