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Cross Border

Experience peace of mind with our Canadian and U.S.
cross-border freight service with door-to-door visibility
and single-bill efficiency for your business needs.

Experience peace of mind with our Canadian and U.S. cross-border  freight service with door-to-door  visibility and single bill efficiency for your business needs.

Seamless Cross Border Shipping Between Canada and the United States

Maintaining the flow of goods between Canada and the United States is critical to both countries. At Manitoulin, we can make your shipping to and from Canada and the U.S. easier, more reliable, and worry-free. Our knowledgeable cross-border freight specialists are ready to help.

Manitoulin Makes Cross Border Freight Shipping Easy

Whether you ship to the United States from Canada or vice versa, Manitoulin Transport provides customers with cross border services that deliver peace-of-mind, shipment visibility, and single billing solutions that work best for your business.


Cross Border Freight Shipping Benefits

  • Quick, accurate, and competitive door-to-door rate estimates

  • Real time door-to-door shipment tracking

  • Knowledgeable staff ready to assist you

  • 24/7 Customs Clearance

  • Bonded warehouse facilities across Canada

  • Fast coast-to-coast transit times

  • In-house customs clearance support for customers

  • Dependable service to all major centers across the border

  • Shipments to and from major markets

  • Reliable LTL & TL service across borders

  • Pre-cleared shipments before reaching the border

  • Attach customs documents to your shipments through MT Direct


Cross Border Clearance Rates


Proud Participant In Customs And Border Security Programs

Manitoulin Transport participates in the following CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) and CBP (Customs and Border Protection) programs which facilitate and expedite the movement of goods across the border while maintaining security and compliance with customs regulations. Programs include:

  • ACE Automated Commercial Environment

  • ACI Advance Commercial Information

  • C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

  • FAST Clearance into USA and Canada (Free and Secure Trade)

  • PIP Partners In Protection

  • Bonded Clearance into USA and Canada

  • CSA Clearance into Canada (Customs Self-Assessment)

  • PAPS Clearance into USA (Pre-Arrival Processing System)

  • PARS Clearance into Canada (Pre-Arrival Review System)

Contact Your Manitoulin Cross Border Shipping Specialist

Your Manitoulin Cross Border Shipping Specialist will ensure your freight is handled with care and delivered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Manitoulin Shipping Specialists are trained on cross border shipping lanes and their transit times. They will offer you a variety of options on how and when to ship your freight delivering a seamless shipping experience every time.

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