API Access Controls and Terms Of Use Updates

Manitoulin Group of Companies (MGC) and Manitoulin Transport are updating their API (application programmer interface) access controls and terms of use. MGC API services are an integral part of business system integrations and automation. The MT Direct customer shipping web portal API services fall under the new terms of use. The https://www.manitoulingroup.com/legal/api-terms-of-use is now a requirement for all consumers of API services to acknowledge and register an API access key through a setup process.

How these changes affect consumers of MGC API services:

  1. Any application or script accessing MT Direct API services with a username and password must request an API key. An API key will be issued and valid for 365 days and available for application use. Requesting an API key can be done through MT Direct (API Access -> Request API Access) or by contacting your Manitoulin Transport Account Manager.
  2. Any anonymous requests (such as probill tracking or delivery status lookup) will require an MT Direct account and an MGC API registered key.
  3. API Keys require both an Administrative and Technical contact with a working email address and phone number.

Timeline to Implement:
Anonymous Access to API services will be discontinued on May 31st, 2024.
API access using standard credentials must be converted to an API Access Key before August 9, 2024.

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